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    Rosemary Massage is the premier massage therapy clinic serving the residents of North Highlands, CA.
    We offer specialized massage therapy including aromatherapy and hot stone massage. This way, everyone can find the perfect massage for their body.
    Our attentive, friendly staff makes every effort to create a relaxing, comfortable experience for you.
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Our Services

Aromatherapy Service

For a special addition to your massage, consider aromatherapy service. Our diffused essential oils are effective at calming the body, easing pain, and relieving anxiety. Plus, the wonderful smells will make the experience more enjoyable.

Full massage
Full Body Massage

Relieve your tension from head to toe with a full body massage. Rosemary Massage will set you up with an experienced massage therapist who can relieve the specific pains your body is experiencing. We listen closely to your preferences so your massage can be as amazing as possible.

Relaxation massage
Relaxation Massage

If you are exceptionally busy or stressed, you'll need relaxation massage. From the moment you walk in the door, let your worries drift away. Thanks to our massage services, you’ll leave feeling pampered and stress free.

Spinal Massage

The benefits of a spinal massage can be enormous. Many people report back and neck pain relief, increased blood flow, and overall body relaxation. Ask for a spinal massage when you visit us in North Highlands, CA to begin experiencing these benefits for yourself.

Hot stone
Hot Stone Massage

The idea of a hot stone massage can be intimidating to first-timers, but those who have experienced it often come to prefer it. Your body will absorb the rejuvenating heat to release muscle tension. Hot stone massage may sound unusual, but it's remarkably effective at pain management.

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